Monday, October 11, 2010

Wizardly Wonders at the Griffen Theatre

Here's a great take for kids!  The Griffen Theatre is presenting a weekday program called Wizardly Wonders at the Witches Cottage that takes the special effects and props used in the regular Witches Cottage pruduction and gives them a magical spin that is just right for kids.

In the lobby of the Witches Cottage with the newest resident.
I took my guinea pigs, I mean children, last week and they loved it - especially my 6-year-old, who fully embraced the audience participation aspect of the show.

The audience is greeted by a friendly and quick-witted wizard who engages the children in magical tricks and spells, ultimately awarding each child with a magical glow ring after they have demonstrated their wizardliness.

With Huggle the friendly wizard.

There is some darkness, and there are some special effects that are intended to be fun.  In the show we attended, one child was upset by some of the wand "bursts," so the wizard promised to make his wand silent (I wondered if this was the vibrate mode?) for the rest of the show.  The small theater environment is great, because it allows for that kind of interaction, which allowed for the child and family to stay for the rest of the show.  

I've seen the Witches Cottage program, which is called "Fright Nights" for October, a few times and I always enjoy it.  I really enjoyed seeing what are startling special effects in the Fright Night show adapted for kids.

Wizardly Wonders runs at 3:00 PM on weekdays through October.  The show lasts just over 30 minutes.  Admission is $10 adults, $6 children, $25 for a family of 2 adults, 2 kids.

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