Friday, October 15, 2010

3-D Frights at Salem's 13 Ghosts!

It's a haunted house time of year!  For a truly unique experience, include Salem's 13 Ghosts at 131 Essex Street on your itinerary this October.  13 Ghosts is not your ordinary haunted house - this is a 3-D experience, and it's a bit freaky.

When I wasn't being scared to scream by ghosts and ghouls hopping out of nooks and crannies, I was admiring how incredible the painting and artwork is.  There is a definite technique and art to creating an effective 3-dimensional experience, and Salem's 13 Ghosts has it.  

Just like at the movie theater, you have to wear the 3-D glasses, and you meet a few ghouls who help you find your way in the maze.  There are a few self-guided moments, including one through a darkened hallway (I was very happy just not entering this hall, but apparently there was a schedule to keep, and I had to go forward), and then there was the room with the river...  even the floors are 3-D in a few of the rooms, and I wasn't sure where to step.  That was about the point when I wanted to ditch the 3-D glasses so I could see what was where, but I was a good sport and kept them on.

Two ghosts wishing us well as we left 13 Ghosts
In addition to the Haunted House, Salem's 13 Ghosts also has a Ghost Tour that is led by costumed guides who tell stories from the town's witch trials history and the Puritan spirits that are said to still haunted Salem today.

Combination tickets are available for the haunted house and the ghost tour, and 13 Ghosts has extended weekend hours in October. Visit for more information and to buy tickets online. 

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