Monday, October 4, 2010

There's a new ride in town...

Welcome Witch City Segway to Salem by trying them out with a 10 minute Segway ride for $10 this October. Witch City Segway is going to be running Segway tours in the spring, but for now you can get a feel for the Segway with a short ride out of their storefront location at 283R Derby Street (near Brothers). October 22 - 31 they will have a vendor space on the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall near the Peabody Essex Museum, and tickets will be available in both locations.

If you're planning to visit Witch City Segway this week, here are the hours:
- Thursday October 7th 7pm-10pm (after the parade, in which we understand they will be Segwaying! )
- Friday October 8th 6pm-10pm
- Saturday Oct 9th 10am-10pm
- Sunday October 10th 10am-10pm
- Monday October 11th 10am-10pm

We at Destination Salem will be checking out the Segway rides for ourselves soon. And you know photos will follow!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Great concept, can't wait to take the gang to Salem and segway!