Saturday, October 10, 2009

What is in Your Future? See a Psychic.

Ever wonder what was possible for you in the future? Trying to figure out how to handle a situation? Looking to see if you can create a big change in your life? A reading at one of the psychic fairs or with a master of divination just might be of help! At Salem Haunted Happenings we have psychics and masters galore throughout the city!

ALL psychics in the city of Salem at businesses and fairs are licensed by the city of Salem and must have this posted. Psychics use many kinds of tools such as tarot card, crystal balls, psychometry, numerology, astrology, palm reading, lace and more. They also come from a variety of faith traditions from Christian mysticism, shamanism, Wicca and Witchcraft.

This post is about some our Haunted Happenings sponsors in town with incredible people who do psychic readings, lead séances and offer delightful guidance. Call a head if you wish to schedule at a certain hour. Lines can be quite long at the fairs and really good readers!

At Pickering Wharf :

Have you read the book The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry? Remember the store in the book?
Artemisia Botanicals look similar to the picture woven of the store in that story. Here you too can make appointments to have a reading with lace just like in the book! A delightful shop to browse while you are waiting. It is brimming with gifts and herbal mixtures for teas. Phone: 978-745-0065

Around the corner next to Victoria Station is a quaint store known as “The Best Witch Shop in the Witch City." NuAeon: Home of White Light Pentacles & the Temple of Nine Wells offers spiritual consultations by Salem Witch Elders. Appointments here MUST be scheduled. By doing this you will not have to wait in a line. A destination for lovers of magick & Witchcraft. Browse art, artifacts & collectibles unavailable elsewhere. Phone: 978-745-8668

Looking for a reading in Spanish?
Visit one of the longest running psychic fairs in town across the street at 173 Essex Street is The Goddess' Treasure Chest Psychic Faire and Séances you will find bilingual readers offering readings in Spanish and English!
Readings for children, adults and pets. Séances every Thurs-Friday at 8pm. Phone: 97-740-5100

Along Essex Street and in Museum Place Mall:
Across from the Salem Trolley office, you will find Angelica of the Angels. Readings a specialty here. Mediumship is our forte. Aura photos read professionally. Séances available. Angelica's hosts a psychic faire all month long. Also visit their sister location Angel's Landing on 131 Essex Street next to CityView Trolley. Phone: 978-745-9355

In the Museum Place Mall at 180 Essex Street you will find a psychic fair in full swing at Bewitched in Salem! All readers are licensed by the city here with a stake in the community of Salem. Angel, Astrology, Mediumship, Tarot & More. Phone: 978-744-9904

Across from the Bewitched statue at 246 Essex Street you will find a store called Hex. They have readers on hand daily. Call ahead to this popular location to schedule your appointments. Owned by the organizer of Festival of the Dead, you can find out more about their psychic fair, balls and activities at this store. Phone: 978-666.0765

Enjoy your time with our psychics and at the local séances planned. We hope all of your dreams and futures are all you wished for!

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