Friday, October 16, 2009

A Few Insider Tips

It's been a crazy, crazy week in the land of Salem Haunted Happenings. I'm spending my morning catching up on our social media obligations. If you aren't following @hauntdhappnings on Twitter or HauntedHappenings on Facebook, please do - we love to blast our friends and followers with last minute ideas, tips, and tidbits.

(Tip of the day: If you are taking a taxi from Logan Airport to Salem, it should NOT be on the meter, it should be a $50(ish) flat rate. Please get a price quote before getting into a cab!)

Here's another tip: If you plan to visit the Salem Witch Museum, go early in the day to get your timed-entry ticket. They sell out shows early in the day. Once you have your ticket, you can do something else and then come back.

Save some dough... Buy the combination ticket for the Witch Dungeon Museum, Witch History Museum, and New England Pirate Museum and you'll save $5. If there are two of you traveling together, that's $10, which is enough for a large bag of kettle corn.

Buy tickets online for the Salem Wax Museum's Haunted Neighborhood. They have a variety of options at different prices for you to choose from, each providing entry to the different activities in the Haunted Neighborhood, including the Salem Wax Museum, Frankenstein's Laboratory, Within the Witching Hour, and the Witch Village.

Is this your first trip to Salem? Get on a Trolley. Perhaps you've heard me say this before? I tell everyone, going anywhere for the first time - get on a trolley! You'll learn so much about the destination that you weren't expecting, and you can make informed decisions about what you want to do while you are in Salem. And - the best part: your trolley ticket is good all day, so after your tour, you have a shuttle! We have two trolleys: CityView Trolley Tours and Salem Trolley. Take your pick.

My final tip for the day is this: If you can't take the Commuter Rail, the Salem Ferry from Boston, or City Connect Express from Boston, and you have to drive into Salem, bring cash and plan to park your car and leave it. City parking garages and the Church Street lot are $20 cash upon entry for the day, there is metered ($.25 per half-hour) street and lot parking, and many, many private businesses charge for parking in their lots (anywhere from $5 to $20).
Salem is a walkable city - the walk from one end (The House of the Seven Gables) to another (The Witch House) is just under one mile. The one-way streets and busy intersections can be sources of great frustration in this busy Haunted Happening season. Wear comfy shoes and be prepared to walk.... or use that trolley ticket for on-and-off transportation all day!

Create your perfect Haunted Happenings experience at Don't let the weather forecast scare you away - it's going to be a great weekend in Salem!

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