Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Destination Salem and the City of Salem are promising a unique and exciting finale for Halloween revelers on October 31st.  The event, which is being sponsored and produced by VDA Productions out of Somerville, will provide revelers with an impressive sound and light show overhead that features giant shapes dancing overhead. 

This closing ceremony, which will combine music, light, and movement soaring into the night sky, will occur at the intersection of Federal and Washington Streets, will happen at 10:30 PM on Friday, October 31, and will be followed by a fireworks finale over the North River.  The entire event will provide a exciting, unique conclusion to Salem's Haunted Happenings festival and Halloween night.

"Salem residents have indicated an interest in seeing a more creative and artistic side of Halloween, and VDA brings that creativity to the table," says Destination Salem executive director Kate Fox, "They are putting together a unique, exciting finale that will appeal to all ages while providing the closing ceremonies we need on Halloween."
Bands and DJs will be situated throughout the downtown on Halloween night, including the very popular Undercover Band on Front Street and Grateful Ted on Hawthorne Boulevard.  All public music will end at 10:15, and audiences will be encouraged to venture toward the finale on Washington Street.
The MBTA has added additional trains for Halloween night to transport out of Salem.  The City of Salem and Destination Salem are working closely with the MBTA to communicate with potential passengers the importance of coming to Salem early and planning to be on the final trains out of Salem, which will be at 11:00 PM going inbound to North Station and 11:11 PM going northbound to Beverly.

People planning to attend Halloween in Salem are asked to remember that accessories to costumes that might look like a weapon or potentially endanger others are not permitted in the City and will be confiscated by police.

"With Halloween on a Friday night this year we are expecting very large numbers of people coming to Salem to celebrate what has become on of the biggest holidays in America," Says Salem Mayor Kimberley Driscoll, "Enhanced police coverage will be in place, and Department of Public Services will be working overtime to ensure the City is the location of a safe, fun Halloween, and that residents will find clean, quiet streets on November 1st. Most importantly, we are encouraging anyone coming to Salem to take public transportation and to conclude their visit at the end of the closing ceremony. "

It is hoped that VDA Production's finale and the fireworks will be an annual component of Halloween, which will be on a Saturday in 2009.  The cost of the production is being sponsored by VDA Productions, Inc. and underwritten by revenue from Fiesta Shows' carnival on Derby Street.

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