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Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Guidelines

The City of Salem anticipates tens of thousands of revelers to visit this weekend for the annual celebration of Halloween, and the culmination of the City’s month-long Haunted Happenings Festival.  Dozens of costume balls and parties hosted by Salem’s restaurants and hotels will be supplemented by a street party atmosphere that attracts visitors from around the world.

With Halloween falling on a Monday, both Saturday, October 29, and Monday, October 31 are expected to draw the most visitors.  Friday, October 28 and Sunday, October 30, will also be busy.  While the questionable weather forecast may keep some people away, many of the balls and parties on Saturday night are sold-out, so those revelers are expected to visit Salem regardless of weather. 

In preparation for the busy weekend, City Officials encourage visitors to:

  • Take public transportation.  The MBTA and Salem Ferry have expanded service for the weekend.  Taking public transportation is the best way to avoid traffic snarls coming into Salem.  Expanded MBTA service schedules are available online at Salem Ferry schedules are available at
  • Be prepared to pay for parking.  Parking in downtown Salem is a premium, and visitors who do drive should plan to pay $20 cash per day for parking.  MBTA lots in Beverly and Lynn have ample parking, and are less than a 10 minute train ride from the Salem depot.  Salem’s walkable downtown makes personal vehicles unnecessary once visitors have arrived.
  • Be aware of street closures.  Downtown street closures are planned for Monday after 5:00 PM, and closures will be executed on Saturday if deemed necessary for public safety.  Street closure and parking ban information is available at

Once in Salem, visitors are urged to bring their common sense, and be aware of the following rules and regulations that will be enforced during Halloween weekend:

  • Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Salem has tougher sanctions and will be issuing tripled fines, up to $300 per violation, for infractions including public drinking, vandalism, littering, and disorderly behavior.
  • Leave weapons – real or fake – at home.  They will be confiscated by police.
  • Public drinking will not be tolerated. Public consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in Salem.
  • Know when the party’s over. The event ends at 11:00 PM on Saturday night and 10:00 PM on Monday night.  Visitors who are not inside restaurants or private parties will be asked to depart Salem following the fireworks on Monday night.  Police and Public Works Department staff will begin clearing the streets at 10:30 pm.
There will be more than 200 police on the ground this weekend, including the Essex County Tactical Unit and the Plymouth County Mounted Unit.  Surveillance cameras are installed throughout the downtown and will be monitored by police officials throughout the weekend. 

Salem is a historic, residential community, and city officials are working diligently to mitigate visitor impacts to residents, provide effective crowd control, and encourage an orderly exit out of the City when festivities conclude.  Visitors to Salem who respect the City of Salem, its residents, businesses, and law enforcement officials will have a great time celebrating Halloween and Haunted Happenings.

Free public entertainment will be provided on the Haunted Happenings Main Stage, presented by Radio 92.9, on Washington Street at Federal Street from 5pm – 10:00pm on Friday, 5pm – 11pm on Saturday, 4pm – 10pm on Sunday, and 4pm – 10pm on Monday.   On Monday night, bands and DJs will provide free music on Salem Common, Hawthorne Boulevard, Front Street, and Derby Street.  The month-long Haunted Happenings celebration will conclude with a brilliant fireworks display over the North River at 10:00 pm on Monday.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Public Safety Advisory for Halloween night in Salem

Since Halloween is on a Saturday, and since the weather forecast for the weekend is looking pretty darn nice, the City of Salem is prepared for nearly 100,000 people to celebrate Halloween in bewitching Salem.

If you are planning to celebrate in Salem, please help us keep Halloween safe and fun by bringing your common sense and heeding the following advice:
  • Take public transportation. The MBTA has added extra train service from the North and South. The Salem Ferry is connects Blaney Street, Salem, with Long Wharf North, Boston. We anticipate considerable motor vehicle traffic coming into the city, and parking will be at a premium. Thus, public transportation is strongly encouraged.
  • Plan to depart after the Halloween Fireworks. Halloween is a great street festival in Salem. In addition to bands and DJs performing on five stages around the downtown, Radio 92.9 is producing a Main Stage Concert featuring Dick N Jane, playing at 7:30 PM, and the Dancing Nancy Band, a Dave Matthews Band cover band, playing at 9:30 PM, . Dancing Nancy will perform on a temporary stage at the top of Washington Street (between Federal and Bridge Streets) from 9:15 - 10:45 PM followed by fireworks over the North River at 10:45.
The fireworks are the conclusion of the public Halloween celebration and the end to the evening. Police and Public Works Departments will begin clearing streets and moving crowds out of the city immediately following the fireworks. Visitors should expect to depart Salem after the fireworks (approx. 11pm), which is timed to coordinate with the last trains out of Salem.
  • Visitors coming to Salem should be on their best behavior. Given the larger numbers, the City has adopted tougher sanctions for disorderly behavior. Uniformed police officers will be brought in from eight other communities to support Salem Police in their efforts ensure the safety of all Halloween revelers.
Fines for any disorderly conduct during Halloween evening, such as drinking in public, vandalism, littering, disorderly behavior, have been tripled up to $300 per offense, the maximum amount allowed under the law.

Surveillance Cameras are installed throughout the downtown and will be monitored by Police officials throughout the evening. These cameras will aid downtown enforcement efforts.
  • Leave weapons - real or fake - at home. Police will be confiscating these items.
  • Public drinking will not be tolerated. Public consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in Salem.
Salem, Massachusetts is recognized internationally as one of the best destinations to celebrate Halloween and the month-long Haunted Happenings festival. Salem is pleased to present live music throughout the downtown on Halloween night, as well as a carnival and food vendors.

We encourage our guests and visitors to bring their common sense to the celebration, and respect the City of Salem, and its 42,000 residents. Through public cooperation the city will maintain a fun and safe downtown environment for all.

For more information on Salem Haunted Happenings visit

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Salem Ferry Adds Trips for Saturday

The Salem Ferry has added the following trips between Boston and Salem on Saturday, October 31st:

9:00 PM Boston to Salem

10:00 PM Salem to Boston

The Salem Ferry provides high-speed catamaran ferry service between Long Wharf North in Boston and Blaney Street (near the House of the Seven Gables) in Salem. The enclosed ferry provides a comfortable 55 minute ride between the two cities. The fare is $10.00 one way, $20.00 round trip for all passengers. There is a snack bar on board for purchasing beverages and snacks.

Visit for the complete schedule and more information.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Samhain, A Sacred Time of Reflection!

Halloween in Salem is a grand time for all ages, and filled with many cultural traditions entwined with the holiday. However, did you ever wonder where those traditions came from?

Halloween comes from the Old English word hallow meaning saint. Originally, the holiday was called All Hallows Eve, and then shortened to Hallowe’en and finally the contemporary version of the word we use today.

In ancient Celtic traditions the holiday Samhain was celebrated. Samhain (pronounced Sow-when) was a time when it was believed that the line between the world of the living and the world of the dying was thin. The word simply meant Summer’s End. Crops in the fields had been harvested, and the hunt was about to begin. Leaves were falling from trees, animals were starting to hide, the ground got cold and hard. People had the illusion the earth was dying too. It was a time to honor the true end of summer.

It was a time to honor the earth’s cycle in to winter, the ancestors of one’s family, and friends who had died throughout the year. Many villages and clans honored their loved ones with feasts, teas and special suppers. Burial places were cleaned and flowers, food and drink were left for the dead. It was both solemn and celebratory of the legacies they left behind. Samhain and feasts to the ancestors are still celebrated by many Wiccan and Earth-centered spiritual people in Salem meaning and around the world today.

Many of our contemporary Halloween traditions have come directly from the celebration of Samhain. For example, young people traditionally went door to door to collect food and wood to build fires to honor the dead. Gifts were left in the fields for the gods and goddesses of the year in thanks for the harvest. These children would dress up so the spirits of the night would not know them. In some places in Europe today, there is a tradition of going from home to home on All Soul’s Day for soul cakes, a type of currant bun. In return, the recipient prays for the household’s family. These traditions are thought to have been the beginnings of trick or treating.

Dressing up at this sacred time of year became a way of inviting the spirits to help you reach your dreams. Ghosts, skeletons, and goblin type characters were ways of dressing to confuse the evil spirits. Dressing like death took away the fear of it. It became a way to honor death as part of the process of life.

Embers and coals from the sacred village fires would be taken to homes to light and bless the household’s hearth fires for the winter. To carry these hot coals – squashes, turnips, pumpkins and gourds were carved out with funny faces and glowing chunks of hot coals were placed inside for safe carrying home. The lit faces scared others in the forests and it was seen as a way to protect ones self in the dark of the night. This is thought to have been the early renditions of the lighting of pumpkins.

In nature religious traditions like Wicca, people gather together to honor those who have died in many ways even in Salem. Special meals sometimes called dumb suppers to honor the memories of those who have passed are held. These silent meals are opportunities to remember our connections to our ancestors. Worship circles are held for congregations to come together, honoring not just ancestors, but world leaders and community members who have passed on. It is a time also to look at habits and life patterns we need to let go of in our lives that do not work for us. Samhain is a deeply reflective holiday filled with reverence for the changing earth our connections while on it.

There are many congregation and groups who welcome visitors to their celebrations of the holy day of Samhain amidst the secular celebrations of Halloween on October 31. Listings for special events can be found at

Photo © KishgraphicsWritten by Rev. J. Hildebrand

Thursday, October 22, 2009

MBTA Adds Trains to October Weekend Schedule

The MBTA Commuter Rail is pleased to provide increased train service to and from the annual Haunted Happenings celebration in Salem, Massachusetts.

Special Event round trip tickets for the extra trains to and from Salem, MA will be available at North Station and will be sold on the extra trains. Schedules of the extra trains are displayed below.

Weekend of October 24-25: The extra Inbound Trains and Outbound Trains will be operated in addition to the regularly scheduled trains shown in black on the designated weekend dates.

Halloween: Here are the schedules for extra Inbound trains to Boston to be operated on Halloween (Saturday October 31).

Here are the schedules for the Outbound Trains to Rockport and Newburyport to be operated on Halloween (Saturday October 31).

Additional information on Salem Haunted Happenings is available at

Additional information on the MBTA and additional service for Haunted Happenings is availalble at

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Images from Salem's Haunted Biz Baz

Here are some pictures taken about town on October 10th at the Haunted Biz Baz. To see more pictures, visit us on Facebook!

The Haunted Biz Baz is presented by the Salem Chamber of Commerce.

Friday, October 2, 2009

An Incredible Kick-Off to the 28th Salem Haunted Happenings!

Last evening, the streets of Salem, Massachusetts filled with creatures of many kinds for the opening ceremonies and parade for the 28th Annual Salem Haunted Happenings.

The parade's theme was "A Night at the Museum." Floats, bands, walking cut-outs, posters and more focused on the theme and were executed by area schools and youth organizations. Area trolley companies and other businesses carried winning sports teams, area clubs and members of area organizations. Several student groups from Salem State College joined in the fun.

We invite residents to join us all tonight for Mayor's Night out and Trick or Treating with the Mayor. Stay tune for more pictures and coverage of this year's Salem haunted Happenings!

Photos © J. Hildebrand/Kishgraphics.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Less than 24 Hours Before Salem Haunted Happenings Begins!

Tomorrow evening children, high school bands and organizations from all over the city of Salem, Massachusetts will gather to kick off the 28th Annual Salem Haunted Happenings in a style that no other city can do.

This year's theme is "A Night at the Museum" for the parade wass created by the Salem Chamber of Commerce. Streets will begin to fill in the early evening hours with revelers. During this year's parade there is an added treat of coming early to visit the now popular Salem Main Streets Farmer's Market near Old Town Hall.

The parade starts at the Shetland Office park and ends on Salem Common near the Hawthorne Hotel. Watch the Official City website at or for street closings and where to park.

Click here for street closure and parking ban information.

Click here for a parking map of downtown Salem.

For the complete calendar of events in October, visit or email us at and we would be happy to send you a printed brochure. The brochures are also available at the regional Simon malls, including North Shore Mall (Peabody), Liberty Tree Mall (Danvers), Square One Mall (Saugus), and Burlington Mall.

Happy Haunted Happenings, everyone! We hope you can join us for this festive month of fall, New England, and quintessential Salem. For more information about the Parade call the Salem Chamber of Commerce or Destination Salem.

Many thanks to Kishgraphics for use of the photographs above.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dancing Nancy Band to Headline Halloween Night

We are going to celebrate the close of the 28th Salem Haunted Happenings with dancing! Salem has partnered with Radio 92.9 to provide revelers with a closing concert that will feature The Dancing Nancy Band.

There will be an opening act, too, and we will provide details on that act when we have them.

The concert will be held on a stage that will be erected at the top of Washington Street at Lynde Street. Fireworks will light up the sky above the North River at 10:45 PM, signalling the end of the 28th Annual Salem Haunted Happenings.

The Dancing Nancy Band hails from Fall River, Massachusetts. Formed in 2002, Dancing Nancy is a Dave Matthews Tribute Band, and they play covers of other popular songs from the 1980s and 1990s.

This new "Main Stage" will compliment the other live music in Salem on Halloween night, including a DJ on Salem Common, the Undercover Band on Front Street, and a DJ on Derby Street at the Salem Wax Museum. The musical performances around town will end at 10:00 PM, allowing everyone to head over to Washington Street for the finale concert.

If you're planning to come to Salem for Halloween night, plan to take public transportation. Traffic will be challenging, as will parking. The streets in downtown Salem will be closed to vehicular traffic (to make way for all of the pedestrian traffic!!) in the afternoon.

The Halloween night street festivities will conclude after the fireworks at 11:00 PM - so plan to come in early, have a great time, and head out at 11:00. (Unless you are inside a private party like the Hawthorne Hotel's Reality Bites Ball or another indoor ticketed event.) And don't forget your dancing shoes!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Time to Book for Places to Stay and Parties!

Here is Salem we are gearing up for our 28th Annual Haunted Happenings. The website is get changed daily, the Official Guidebook is in production and advertising is being created.

So it is time for all of our visitors and friends to get booked and ready to come and visit. If you need a place to stay....BOOK NOW! Halloween weekend is totally sold out in downtown Salem but our great regional partners on the site are ready to welcome you!

Also...if you are going to parties...BOOK NOW! Parties in the Witch City sell out rapidly! Parties to buy your tickets NOW for are....

Stay tune to this page and the website for many more report and updates on what is coming up for this year!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So many things to do!

The Web site is filling up quickly, and we are working hard on the Official Guide to the 28th Annual Salem Haunted Happenings.

If you would like to automatically receive the printed schedule of events when it is hot-off-the-press in August, send us an email with your mailing address to You can also request a Salem Visitor Guide through and indicate interest in Haunted Happenings and/or October and you will receive a Salem Visitor Guide and the Guide to Haunted Happenings.

The calendar of events on is being updated daily, so make sure to check for the events you want to attend. Are you working on your costume for the Hawthorne Hotel's annual costume ball? Getting psyched for the Zombie Ball? Ready already for your annual reading at one of the psychic fairs? Can't wait for your first trip to the cinnamon bun kiosk behind the Haunted Neighborhood?

Or, perhaps you are planning your first visit to Salem and you can't wait to delve into the lessons of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, visit the House of the Seven Gables, or rendezvous with a pirate (well, at least he'll look like a pirate...).

Check back often, as we will be updating the blog regularly from here on out. Look for new-and-noteworthy events, sites not to miss, and insider ideas for Salem Haunted Happenings. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, too.

It's never to early to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We're getting ready... are you?!

Image credit: Fairies in the 2008 Haunted Happenings Parade, by Jerrie Hildebrand.

Monday, June 22, 2009


More than 200,000 people choose to celebrate autumn and October in Salem, Massachusetts each year. This is your opportunity to connect with these visitors and make them aware of your business, venue, attraction, accommodation, and so on!

All advertising revenue generated by Destination Salem’s Event Guide & Map to Salem Haunted Happenings and is reinvested into the destination marketing of Salem during October. In 2008, advertisers’ investments paid for print advertising in The Boston Globe Magazine, The Boston Globe (“G” Section), and Community Newspapers; radio advertising with Kiss 108, and four billboards placed by highways in eastern Massachusetts. Advertising also paid for public relations efforts and media FAM (familiarization) tours that have successfully generated editorial coverage from Boston to London, Canada, Italy, and beyond.

What you get in return for your advertising sponsorship is HUGE!

This year for the first time we are offering the opportunity for advertisers to have display advertising!!!!!!! Yes we have listened. We will offer everything from 1/8 page to two page spread style ads.

The event booklet is distributed throughout key outlets in New England. On top of advertising in the book you get links and ties in from the website depending on the size of your advertising sponsorship.

For more information on advertising in conjunction with Salem Haunted Happenings click here and download the insertion order! Discover the magic of advertising with Salem Haunted Happenings!

Monday, November 3, 2008

MANY THANKS!!!!!!!!!

A hardy thank you to all of our visitors who traveled to Salem's Haunted Happenings 2008! The event was a huge success. The video below is part of the Halloween evening finale.

As we now take on the task of assessing the month, we invite you to send your best photos of the city as well as gentle input. We will continue our efforts to craft Haunted Happenings as the premiere Halloween destination in the world and promote Salem as the premiere travel destination that it is.

Visit for information on traveling to Salem during other times of the year. We will resume posting this blog as Haunted Happenings 2009 unfolds over the coming months. If you plan to travel here for next year, call and get your accommodations reservations made now if you wish to stay in town.

Have a Winter, Spring, Summer and early Fall!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Samhain Gatherings in Salem Tomorrow!

For those who may be unfamiliar with Samhain (pronounced Sow-en), the word in Gaelic means "summer's end" and is actually a sacred holy day for those who honor the earth centered religious tradition of Wicca. Some people in this faith community refer to themselves as Witches, not like noted in fairy tales, but as ancient healers and faith bound people. In Salem there is a moderate number of people of this faith.

So while many are celebrating the contemporary Halloween, others are observing the holiest day in their religious calendar. To not this, below are some of the observances we are aware of:

16th Annual Temple of Nine Wells Samhain Magick Circle
5:30pm - Gallows Hill Park
Join Rev. H.P. Richard Ravish GM and Rev. H.Ps. Gypsy Ravish WQ, the Priests & Priestesses of The Temple of Nine Wells, witches of all traditions & friends of the Craft at Gallows Hill Park for the largest citywide Samhain Circle as we turn the Wheel of the Year. Donations welcome. 978.745.8668 •

Witches' Commemorative Candlelight Samhain Walk
7:30pm - Gallows Hill Park
Witches walk on the holiest night of the Witches' Year from the Temple of Nine Wells Magick Circle at Gallows Hill Park to the heart of Salem and affirm the sacred nature of the Craft of the Wise. 978.745.8668 •

Salem's Witches present A Feast to the Spirits
8pm - 12am - The Lyseum
In honor of the Little Lost Ghost discovered at the Lyceum as seen on the Sci-Fi Channel's "Ghost Hunters". An evening of ritual, delectable food, fun, and a time to honor the spirits around us. Tickets are limited. Cost $90 per person. Purchase at Crow Haven Corner. 978.745.8763 •

Monday, October 27, 2008


City of Salem advises visitors to be safe, use common sense, and be prepared to leave at the end of the evening

The City of Salem is encouraging participants in Salem's Halloween night festivities to be safe and considerate during their celebration of all things haunted, spooky and bewitching.
Halloween night is filled with costume balls, festivals, dramatic presentations, ghost stories, walking tours, and parties. Visitors are advised to make reservations for tickets events early, as most will sell out.

The schedule of public events is as follows:

7:00-10:00 pm
Live music around town featuring the Undercover Band on Front Street and Grateful Ted on Hawthorne Boulevard;

10:30 pm
Halloween Finale presented by VDA Productions at Federal & Washington Streets, near the MBTA Commuter Rail station, followed by fireworks over the North River.

11:24 pm
Final train depart to North Station, Boston

11:26 pm
Final train departs to Newburyport

The MBTA has added additional train service for Halloween night, and will be adding a temporary loading platform that will enable northbound and southbound trains to service Salem depot simultaneously. Visit for the complete expanded schedule of services for Haunted Happenings.

Those planning to celebrate Halloween in Salem are reminded of the following:

• Omit any weapons – fake and real – from costumes, as they will be confiscated;

• Public consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated;

• Salem is a residential city – please be considerate of private property and downtown residents;

• The finale at 10:30 PM is the conclusion of the public Halloween celebration . Please note that the streets will be closed after the fireworks and in conjunction with the final trains departing Salem. The Police and Public Works Departments will be clearing all streets and sidewalks so visitors should be prepared to depart Salem following the closing ceremony;

• To make the most of the public Salem Halloween experience, people are encourage to arrive no later than 8:30 pm, and should plan to depart after the finale 10:50 pm.;

• From October 29 – November 1 citations for illegal behavior – including public drinking, vandalism, and littering – will have tripled fines, up to $300, associated with them.

The Halloween holiday attracts tens of thousands of costumed revelers to Salem to visit attractions and partake in the Fall festivities. While the vast majority of visitors enjoy their time here without incident, there are some that take advantage of this public gathering and end up causing harm to the area, themselves or others. Please know that the City strongly discourages disorderly behavior (such as drinking in public, littering and random acts of vandalism) and will penalize offenders to the maximum amount allowed under the law both civilly and criminally. Please help us maintain a fun and safe downtown environment on Halloween evening!

For complete information on Salem Haunted Happenings and Halloween night, please visit and


Here are the parties this Halloween weekend that we have in our scheduling so far. Many have sold out or are close to selling out. Once everyone is filled to capacity there are many area restaurants and pubs that will be open also. So make reservations today!

October 30
The Dumb Supper: Dinner with the Dead - 6:30pm - 10pm Hawthorne Hotel.
The Salem Witches honor the dead with a sumptuous dinner observed in silence as touching music plays. 800.595.4TIX •

October 31
Halloween Finale - Federal & Washington Streets
The 27th Annual Salem Haunted Happenings will conclude with an original sound and light show produced by VDA Productions, Inc., of Somerville, MA. The closing ceremony will combine music, light, and movement soaring into the night sky followed by a fireworks finale over the North River. The entire event will provide a exciting, unique conclusion to Salem’s Haunted Happenings festival and Halloween night. In addition to the finale, bands and DJs will be situated throughout the downtown on Halloween night, including the very popular Undercover Band on Front Street and Grateful Ted on Hawthorne Boulevard. All public music will end at 10:15, and audiences will be encouraged to venture toward the finale on Washington Street before leaving Salem via MBTA or private transportation at the conclusion of Salem Haunted Happenings and the Halloween Festivities, which will be at 11:00 PM. 978.741.3252 •

Celebrate Halloween at Crunchy Granola Baby! - 3pm - 5pm • 72 Washington St.
Throw on your best costume with your little ones and enjoy organic treats. 978.741.0800 •

Sixty2 on Wharf Halloween Cocktail Party - 7pm - 12pm • 62 Wharf St.
Join Sixty2 on Wharf for our very first Halloween cocktail party. Friday, October 31st. from 7pm to midnight for a night that will wake the dead. You will enjoy complimentary passed hors d'oeuvres and appetizers from our menu and creative halloween cocktails from our cash bar. We'll also be featuring live music by our very own bartender and local musician Derek Rando. Costumes are a must as well as 21+. Door prize will be given to the most spooktacular costume!! Space is limited so please call 978 744 0062 or stop by and reserve today! Cost is $35 per person. Tax not included
978-744-0062 •

The Hawthorne Hotel's Carn-Evil Creep Show Costume Ball - 8pm - 12am • Hawthorne Hotel
Three floors of entertainment, fun and food. Tickets are $90 per person. Live entertainment featuring the popular band "HUSH", DJ's, limited edition t-shirt, and photo. Costume contest with $1500 in cash prizes. Must be 21 years of age or older with proper ID at the door. Tickets can be purchased on our website or call. 978.744.4080 •

Salem's Witches present A Feast to the Spirits - 8pm - 12am • Lyceum Restaurant
In honor of the Little Lost Ghost discovered at the Lyceum as seen on the Sci-Fi Channel's "Ghost Hunters". An evening of ritual, d food, fun, and a time to honor the spirits around us. Tickets are limited. Cost $90 per person. Purchase at Crow Haven Corner. 978.745.8763 •

Halloween at Capt's Topsides - 8pm - 12am • 94 Wharf St.
Put on your best costume and join us for a party overlooking the haunted harbor of Salem. Music, costume prizes, great food included, cash bar. Cost: $50 advance/$60 at the door per person. Call for tickets & reservations. 978.741.0555 •

November 1
The Official Salem Witches' Halloween Ball - 7:30pm - 12:30am • Hawthorne Hotel
18+ Join the Salem Witches with guests Fiona Horne, Wendy Rule, and Dragon Ritual Drummers for the event AOL rates among America's top Halloween parties! Free readings! $1,000 prize! 800.595.4TIX •

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Destination Salem and the City of Salem are promising a unique and exciting finale for Halloween revelers on October 31st.  The event, which is being sponsored and produced by VDA Productions out of Somerville, will provide revelers with an impressive sound and light show overhead that features giant shapes dancing overhead. 

This closing ceremony, which will combine music, light, and movement soaring into the night sky, will occur at the intersection of Federal and Washington Streets, will happen at 10:30 PM on Friday, October 31, and will be followed by a fireworks finale over the North River.  The entire event will provide a exciting, unique conclusion to Salem's Haunted Happenings festival and Halloween night.

"Salem residents have indicated an interest in seeing a more creative and artistic side of Halloween, and VDA brings that creativity to the table," says Destination Salem executive director Kate Fox, "They are putting together a unique, exciting finale that will appeal to all ages while providing the closing ceremonies we need on Halloween."
Bands and DJs will be situated throughout the downtown on Halloween night, including the very popular Undercover Band on Front Street and Grateful Ted on Hawthorne Boulevard.  All public music will end at 10:15, and audiences will be encouraged to venture toward the finale on Washington Street.
The MBTA has added additional trains for Halloween night to transport out of Salem.  The City of Salem and Destination Salem are working closely with the MBTA to communicate with potential passengers the importance of coming to Salem early and planning to be on the final trains out of Salem, which will be at 11:00 PM going inbound to North Station and 11:11 PM going northbound to Beverly.

People planning to attend Halloween in Salem are asked to remember that accessories to costumes that might look like a weapon or potentially endanger others are not permitted in the City and will be confiscated by police.

"With Halloween on a Friday night this year we are expecting very large numbers of people coming to Salem to celebrate what has become on of the biggest holidays in America," Says Salem Mayor Kimberley Driscoll, "Enhanced police coverage will be in place, and Department of Public Services will be working overtime to ensure the City is the location of a safe, fun Halloween, and that residents will find clean, quiet streets on November 1st. Most importantly, we are encouraging anyone coming to Salem to take public transportation and to conclude their visit at the end of the closing ceremony. "

It is hoped that VDA Production's finale and the fireworks will be an annual component of Halloween, which will be on a Saturday in 2009.  The cost of the production is being sponsored by VDA Productions, Inc. and underwritten by revenue from Fiesta Shows' carnival on Derby Street.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dig out the Lederhosen and Dirndls! Its time for Oktoberfest!!

The upcoming weekend it filled with many new events for Haunted Happenings!!! This year's Witch City Haunted Oktoberfest is bringing back old traditions from Salem's history with new twists in the middle of downtown Salem on Front Street. Opening festivities begin on Friday evening, October 24, 2008 and continue through October 26, 2008.

Beer will be provided by local, award-winning Ipswich Ale. Traditional German and New England fare, wine and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase. On Saturday and Sunday, children may attend under the supervision of their parents until 6 pm. Live entertainment will be provided all weekend. ID will be required.

Tickets can be purchased at Pamplemousse or online at or at! Tickets will also be available at the door.

Schedule of events:

October 24, 7-10 p.m.
An Evening With Charmed & Dangerous

Tickets $25 per person. ID will be required.
Ticket includes first beer and the evening entertainment. This is a special performance with a Halloween and German cabaret performance of Charmed and Dangerous to kick the weekend off. The group is a blend of the comedy and cabaret bawdy beauties and hilarious hombres. No bone will be left un-tickled.

October 25, noon to 9 p.m.
Buddy Walker's Warszawiaki Orchestra and Charmed & Dangerous

Tickets $20 per person. ID will be required. Children free. Ticket includes first beer, entertainment and a gift for the first 1500 people for the day!
Buddy Walker and the Warszawiaki Orchestra is a well-known and established local group from Salem, Massachusetts, playing for the dancing pleasure throughout New England for over fifty years at dances, socials, weddings, and about any affair where good music is in demand since 1949. The Charmed and Dangerous group will also perform.

October 26, noon to 6 p.m.
The Bavarian Hofbrau Band and Charmed and Dangerous

Tickets $20 per person. Children free. Ticket includes first beer, entertainment and a gift for the first 1000 people for the day!
The Bavarian Hofbrau Band was founded over twenty years ago by a group of musicians from the North Shore of Boston playing good, solid German music. The Charmed and Dangerous group will also perform.

See you all this weekend on the dance floor!