Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Food, Drink and Delicious Treats!

There are so many wonderful places to dine in Salem. For the past several years it is the restaurant scene here that has added greatly to the renaissance of the city. No matter what you want you will find it here.

For coffees, teas and sweet treats try one of our coffee and tea shops....Gulu Gulu Cafe near the Bewitched statue serves not only the usual coffee and tea selection but has a delightful selection of wines and beers in the evening hours. Coffee Time Bakeshop is a must stop on your way home! Pick up a wonderful cake, cookies, scones or fresh donuts.

Lots of people who come here want to know where to get good seafood. Wow...where can you not get good seafood! Almost every restaurant carries seafood of some kind. Lobster rolls seem to be widely requested. Capt's Waterfront, Finz and the Lobster Shanty have awesome and different renditions of this classic New England fare. Capt's and Finz along with Victoria Station also have great steaks. At Capt's you can enjoy freshly cooked food on a charcoal grill. On a warm fall afternoon also all three places have outdoor seating.

If you are looking for a good burger or lunch menu go to the pubs at the Hawthorne Hotel Tavern, The Regatta Pub at the Waterfront Hotel or Victoria Station! Elegant evening dinners can be had at Nathaniel's at the Hawthorne Hotel or at Strega's on Lafayette Street.

For an evening cocktail...Salem has some great martini locations. Strega has received awards for their list of Halloween oriented martini's. Add to it the great gothic style atmosphere you can relax and watch the crowds walk by. And don't forget to stop by Pamplemousse for their free mead and wine tastings on the weekends.

If you know you are coming to town, look over our restaurant sponsors and sponsors of Destination Salem and make your reservations before you come here. Restaurants fill up quickly and waiting lines are common!

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