Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A new haunted house for kids

Griswold's Ghostly Grove opened in Museum Place Mall over the weekend, and it is a great addition to Salem's spooky and scary haunted houses. Griswold's is a family-friendly haunted house that is designed with kids in mind.

Geared for kids under 12, the Ghostly Grove allows the visitor to activate animation and character movement.  Putting the kids in charge alleviates the anxiety some children feel in a haunted house, due to the suspense that good haunted houses build (you know, that "what's going to jump out at me next?!" feeling).  There are several characters who move and talk and glow, as well as a cave that the kids can walk through, and a few static characters that just hang out and add to the ambiance.

I took my official Haunted House-testers, ages 10 and 7, through and they gave it big thumbs up. Perhaps your family will be entertained at Griswold's as well.

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