Friday, October 14, 2011

Alive after 5 this Weekend

"What's open after 5pm?" the concerned visitor asked.
"Well, let me tell you..." the cheerful info booth volunteer replied, "There's plenty to do after five in Salem during October!"

Here's the list...


13 Ghosts'  3-D Haunted House and Ghost Tours
Open until 9pm
131 Essex Street,

Authentic Salem Séance at OMEN
Friday and Saturday 8pm - 9:30pm
184 Essex Street, 978-666-0763,

Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery
Friday until  8pm, Saturday and Sunday until 10pm 
285 Derby Street, 978-740-0500,

Eerie Evenings at the Witch House
6pm - 10pm
310 Essex Street,, 978-744-8815

Fiesta Shows Carnival
289 Derby Street
Open until 10pm

Fright Nights at the Witches Cottage
Friday and Saturday until 10pm
7 Lynde Street, 978-825-0222,

Ghosts & Legends Trolley Tour
Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm
7 Lynde Street, 978-825-0222,

Haunted Harbor Cruise,
Mahi Mahi Cruises - Pickering Wharf
Evening departures from Pickering Wharf at 5pm and 7pm. 978-825-0001,

The Haunted Movie Series presents Casper on Salem Common
Saturday at 6:30pm
FREE to the Public. Presented by Radio 92.9.

Haunted Neighborhood at the Salem Wax Museum
Friday and Saturday until 10pm
288 Derby Street, 978-744-2929,
Includes the Salem Wax Museum, Frankenstein’s Laboratory, the Haunted Witch Village, Candlelit Ghostly Tour, Within the Witching Hour spell casting.

Legacy of the Hanging Judge at the House of the Seven Gables
Friday and Saturday, 7:15pm - 11pm. Runs continuously, 35 minutes long.
978-744-0991 ex. 104,

Salem Harvest Fest—21+
Saturday, 2pm - 4:30pm and 5:30pm - 8pm (two sessions)
Knights of Columbus 94 Washington Square, 978-745-2900,

Salem Witch Museum
 Friday and Saturday until 10pm
19 1/2 Washington Square North, 978-744-1692,

Spirits of the Gables at the House of the Seven Gables
Friday and Saturday, 7:15pm - 11pm. Runs continuously.
978-744-0991 ex. 104,

Summon the Dead Theatrical Séance
Friday and Saturday 9:15pm
7 Lynde Street, 978-825-0222,

Surrealist Film and Game Night
Friday night 7pm - 9pm
Peabody Essex Museum, 978-745-9500,

Tales & Tombstones Trolley Tours

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 6pm - 8:30pm Tour is approximately 1 hour
8 Central Street, 978-744-5469,

Witch City Cruise & Glow Costume Event
Friday until 8:30pm
Essex Street between Hawthorne Boulevard and New Liberty Street


Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tours—7pm & 8pm
8 Central Street, 978-745-0666,

Salem Night Tours—8pm
127 Essex Street, 978-741-1170,

Salem Witch Walk
125 Essex Street, 978-666-0884,

Witch Trial Trail—7pm
Old Town Hall at Front Street,

And, if that's not enough, look for live music at Green Land Café, Finz, Gulu Gulu Café, Rockafellas, and Vic’s Boathouse (21+)

Visit and for additional events.

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