Saturday, October 27, 2012

A fun stroll down memory lane at the Salem Toy Museum

I got to hang out in the Salem Toy Museum for an hour or so last week while owner Frank Scarcia was interviewed by Jim Altman for a future travel piece on CT-Now (Fox, Hartford).   The last time I spent some quality time in the Toy Museum was shortly after Frank opened the doors in July, and I was truly impressed by how many additions have been made to the exhibits!  

Owner Frank Scarcia talking Toys
I don't want to reveal too much about the collections of the Salem Toy Museum, because half of the fun is going in and having those reminiscent "Oh!" moments when you remember a toy or game long forgotten.  Rock'em Sock'em robots greet you when you enter the 2,000 square foot space, and from there you are off to explore forty years (Frank describes it as 1950s through 1980s) of play.  

The gift shop is great fun, as well. I'm particularly fond of a well-selling Star Wars t'shirt that features a sad Storm Trooper with the caption, "I had friends on the Death Star." (((sniff)))   There are also brain pops, rubber snakes, and a multitude of toy-inspired souvenirs to take home.  The unicorn mask (pictured) is display only, but several people have inquired about purchasing it. The t-shirt beneath the awesome Michael Jackson-esque jacket is for sale.

The Salem Toy Museum is located inside the Museum Place Mall, under the parking garage, which has entrances on Church Street and Essex Street. Adult admission is $6.00.  

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