Monday, November 3, 2008

MANY THANKS!!!!!!!!!

A hardy thank you to all of our visitors who traveled to Salem's Haunted Happenings 2008! The event was a huge success. The video below is part of the Halloween evening finale.

As we now take on the task of assessing the month, we invite you to send your best photos of the city as well as gentle input. We will continue our efforts to craft Haunted Happenings as the premiere Halloween destination in the world and promote Salem as the premiere travel destination that it is.

Visit for information on traveling to Salem during other times of the year. We will resume posting this blog as Haunted Happenings 2009 unfolds over the coming months. If you plan to travel here for next year, call and get your accommodations reservations made now if you wish to stay in town.

Have a Winter, Spring, Summer and early Fall!

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