Monday, June 11, 2012

Restoration of the Salem Witch Trials Memorial

We are thrilled to tell you that the Salem Witch Trials Memorial is being restored this summer.  Dedicated in 1992, the Memorial has received an estimated six million visitors during the past 20 years.  It has suffered deterioration over the past two decades, and is in desperate need of refurbishing.

The Salem Award Foundation has undertaken the project, working with the City of Salem and Peabody Essex Museum, both of whom have committed significant funds to support the restoration.  Additional funding for the project has come from major grants from Eastern Bank and Beverly Co-operative Bank, as well as donations from businesses and individuals. The Memorial Committee is still raising necessary monies to complete work beyond the stone masonry as the work begins.

Please be advised that half the walkway in front of the site will remain open, but due to the scope of the work the site will be periodically closed to the public during the next 4 - 5 weeks.

The Memorial is an ideal place to remember the lives lost and the social injustice of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.  Visitors often leave offerings, candles, and flowers on the cantilevered stones.

After a summer of restoration, the Memorial will be re-dedicated on September 9, 2012.  

Words inscribed in the entrance to the memorial

One side of the memorial entrance, uneven and deteriorated.

Restoration work has begun on the right side of the entrance.

Restoration work will include replacing one of the six Locust trees.

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