Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Working on the 2010 Brochure!

We're working hard on Destination Salem's 2010 Guide to Salem Haunted Happenings, and it will be back from the printer by the end of August. If you want to request your own copy - and haven't done so already - send us an email to We'll make sure you'll get one just as soon as they are printed!

In the meantime - Salem is hopping with activity this summer. There's no need to wait until October to raise your spirits in this bewitching seaport. Come check out some of the dozens of new shops and restaurants (including Coven and Omen) that have opened in the past year or two, have your fortune told, learn about the Salem Witch Trials, take a walking tour... it's all here!

The accommodations have better rates and more availability, too.

Check out and Destination Salem's primary site,, for all the info you need to plan your visit - any time of the year - to Salem!

All images, (c) Jared Charney, Downing Street Photography

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